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Lovewell Dam, Kansas

Lovewell Dam

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September - December 2004

Abhe & Svoboda, Inc. performed rehabilitating work to the Lovewell Dam regulating gates, and fabricated and installed new intake bulkhead gates.

SSPC Class 1A containments were erected utilizing Etobicoke system Scaffolding. The abrasive blast cleaning method used to prepare steel surfaces was SSPC-SP 10, Near White Metal Blast with Black Beauty Coal Slag and Blastox additive abrasive.

The paint system that was spray applied to the exterior steel surfaces of the spillway radial gates, radial check gates, radial waste gate, and newly fabricated intake bulkhead gates was a Sherwin Williams moisture-cured urethane system (Corothane-I Galvapac One Pack Zinc primer, Corothane-I Ironox B intermediate, and Corothane-I Ironox A topcoat). Another Sherwin Williams moisture cure urethane paint system was applied to the fixed-wheel emergency gate, high head regulating radial gate and outlet sluice gate (Corothane-I Zinc primer, Corothane Coal Tar intermediate, and Corothane-I Coal Tar topcoat).

Underwater diving work was required for the setting of the new bulkhead gates. Divers cleaned the sill and ensured the bulkhead gates fit in the slots and properly sealed prior to de-watering the outlet channel. A 30 ton rough terrain crane was used to set the newly fabricated bulkhead gates.

The project had a very strict construction schedule. The Lovewell Reservoir was lowered below the spillway gate sill elevation to allow complete un-watered access to the upstream side of the spillway gates. The work was required to be completed during a shutdown period from September 15th and December 15th.